• $ 49.00

This lightweight and adorable beach blanket is crafted in Mexico, made of recycled cotton and inspired by the country's traditional fabrics. It's smaller than the traditional blanket, measuring 130 cm x 130 cm, so we've named it The Baby Bayadas. It's specially designed for children, providing the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. We've added pom-poms around the blanket, giving it a touch of fun and making it even more adorable for the little ones!

*This product is made with a fabric of various colors. In its elaboration, the fabric is cut manually, giving each product a pattern that could be different from the reference image.The print pattern of the product you receive may be different than shown here. 

51.18 inches x 51.18 inches.
Recycled cotton (to protect our Planet).
-Acrylic (it helps to maintain colors over time or sun exposure).
-Polyester fibers (it makes it lightweight and for quick drying).
Care instructions
Machine wash with program for normal garments.
-Max temperature: 86 F°, normal centrifugation.
-Air dry or machine dry on delicate cycle.
-Iron by placing a cotton cloth between the iron and the fabric.
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