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New this season, our embroidered caps !!

Trendy, the "Mexico" cap arrives to your summer wardrobe.  With “Mexico” embroidered in contrast, it shows your love for this beautiful country. Adjustable to your head size, this cap will accompany you throughout the day. On the beach or in the evening, it gives you extra style for a dynamic and ultra feminine look.

Adjustable to your head size.
60% cotton.
40 % Polyester fibers.
Care instructions
Regularly performing light maintenance on the cap is recommended.
Submerge the cap in warm water and gently rub it with soapy water (detergent, liquid dish soap, or soap).
You can use a small brush to scrub the dirtiest areas. Then, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a sponge cloth (such as a towel).
Never put the cap in the dryer, as it may shrink. Always let it air dry (without twisting it to wring it out, to avoid the risk of deformation).
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