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El Angel


The new bags are available!!

New clutch bags are beach-goers must-have! They have plastic lining to keep the water and sand out - or in - depending do you want to use it to protect you belongings from the sand and water or do you prefer to use it to put your wet bikinis in it after a swim. 

El Angel has the colour of our best seller La Lucia, which makes it a perfect add on to any beach style!

Size: 0,7' x 0,9' x 0,3' ft
Fabric: 38% recycled cotton, 28% polyester, 29% acrylic, 5% leather.
Waterproof lining!

Our beach bag is easy to look after! For best care wash it with like colours on a gentle cycle and let it dry. Don't bleach and tumble dry to keep your bag as soft and colourful as possible.