• $ 29.00

The price of our kit includes 3 bags, each one with a different design.

Available designs: Sun please / Take me to the beach / Do not disturb.

These bags are inspired by the traditional Mexican errand bags. The designs are made by our creative team giving them a modern touch! The bags are famous for being very resistant, practical and easy to keep clean. These bags are ideal for beach days (carrying your children’s beach toys) or for supermarket days.

Supporting the environment, you can use these bags for your daily shopping avoiding using plastic bags.

*The colors of the stripes on the bags will be the same as in the white background pictures. The other pictures are non-contractual.

18.11 inches x 18.11 inches.
76% recycled polyethylene (to protect our Planet).
20% polypropylene.
2% pigment.
1% nickel.
1% polyester.
Care instructions
Hand wash with water and soap.