• $ 49.00

El Sarape by Las Bayadas is inspired by the traditional Mexican Sarape.

Our technical team worked for a few months on several prototypes to create the perfect sarape: extra-large, lightweight, and very easy to wash..

This fabric is created to enjoy the beach but it’s also ideal for picnics, it can also work as house decoration, for bed, tablecloth, to protect your car seats, etc. Soon, it will be impossible for you to live without having a Bayadas in your life.

Delicately machine woven in Mexico.

70.87 inches x 82.68 inches.
Recycled cotton (to protect our Planet).
Acrylic (it helps to maintain colors over time or sun exposure).
Polyester fibers (it makes it lightweight and for quick drying).
Care instructions
The Sarape will become softer after the first wash.
Machine wash with program for normal garments.
Max temperature: 86 F°, normal centrifugation.
Air dry or machine dry on delicate cycle.
Iron by placing a cotton cloth between the iron and the fabric.
Mix & match