• $ 150.00
  • $ 180.00

We know you like to match your bag with your Bayadas or your purse with your bag. So, to help you get the perfect look and at the same time save money, we decided to create the kits.

By buying a kit, you get your Bayadas products in the same color and save money at the same time.

This kit includes:

  • 1 leather bag Bayadas :  14.57 pouces x 13.39 pouces x 11.81 pouces.
  • 1 Bayadas : 78.74 pouces x 78.74 pouces.
  • 1 Bayadas waterproof lined purse : 8.27 pouces x 10.63 pouces x 3.54 pouces.

*You can find more information about each of the products on our main menu.

*This product is made with a fabric of various colors. In its elaboration, the fabric is cut manually, giving each product a pattern that could be different from the reference image.The print pattern of the product you receive may be different than shown here.

-1 leather bag Bayadas : 14.57 inches x 13.39 inches x 11.81 inches.
-1 Bayadas: 78.74 pouces x 78.74 pouces.
-1 Bayadas waterproof lined purse: 14.17 inches x 7.87 inches x 3.94 inches.
Recycled cotton (to protect our Planet).
Acrylic (it helps to maintain colors over time or sun exposure).
Polyester fibers (it makes it lightweight and for quick drying).
Leather (for an elegant touch).
Care instructions
You can get more informations about each of the products of our kit in our different categories in our main menu.
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