• El Raul Beach tote
  • Colorful beach bags for beach days



Colors of El Raul makes you think of ocean with sun rays hitting to the surface! El Raul tote bag is a perfect company for the day on the yacht or walk by the pier.. It is spacious enough to fit in all your picnic gear as well as couple of the blankets to have space for whole group of friends. 

The same colors can be found from the La Alicia and La Madai beach blankets. Choose your favourite or whole kit! 

Size: 2,2' x 1,5' x 0,8 ft.
Fabrics: 40% recycled cotton, 30% polyester, 30% acrylic

Our beach bag is easy to look after! For best care wash it with like colors on a gentle cycle and let it dry. Avoid using bleach and tumble dry to keep your tote as soft and colorful as possible.