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This week we are heading back to the east coast, to Asbury Park in New Jersey. Rhode Collection has a cool set up going on over there, bringing unique and beautiful items from Mexico and Guatemala for more people to have access to these beautiful craft products!

Who and where? 
Rhode Collective, Asbury Park, NJ a small beach town on the northern Jersey shore.

What is the general vibe/style of your store? 

For the past two years our brand has been part of a large concept called The Market Asbury Park. The Market is a union of local and national makers, artists, and designers in a single collaborative storefront in Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Its mission is to cultivate a thriving creative community and craft an inspiring experience for both the merchant and the customers. The markets overall vibe is very simple. White walls with fixtures made of light wood. The product and brand concepts do all the talking. The vibe of Rhode Collective is simple; we aim to bring our customers a colorful collection of product that is sophisticated yet playful. We recently moved to The Market Asbury's sister store - Storehouse, just one hundred or so yards down on the boardwalk from the Market. The concept at Storehouse is very similar, but will allow Rhode Collective to have a more space than currently allotted at the market. Storehouse is also based on the same concept of creative collaborative retail collective.

What brands you carry and/or how you choose the products to your store?
We only carry one brand, and that is Las Bayadas! All of our other product is developed by us in conjunction with different artisan groups in central America or sourced from existing artisan markets. We travel twice a year all over Central America looking for new artisan groups to collaborate with or we return to our original favorites. When we travel somewhere new we are always on the lookout for product that is made from sustainable resources. In Oaxaca we sourced beautiful woven palm baskets and in Guatemala we produced an entire pillow collection from vintage corte fabric. In addition to sustainability, we are always drawn to color and uniqueness. We want to offer a collection that feels like it could not be found anywhere else. We truly want to bring back hidden gems that reflect the culture of its maker.

Las Bayadas in New JerseyWhat is special about the place you are located?

Rhode Collective was founded by two best friends who grew up and still reside just a few miles south of Asbury Park. The Jersey shore is home for us so to say it is a special place is an understatement. Aside from being home, Asbury Park has a unique history. From the early 1900's through 1970's Asbury Park was a roaring beach town filled to the brim during the summer months with tourists and locals alike. It was a destination not to be missed. From the 1970's to the turn of the century Asbury Park fell on hard times, and by 1990 the city was a ghost town. Growing up we would never go to Asbury Park, but we would hear the stories of what it was like when our parents would go as kids to the boardwalk for games, food and enjoyment. Slowly, over the past decade the revival of Asbury Park has been underway. Visionary development group Madison Marquette has lead the way inredeveloping the boardwalk and giving visitors a reason to come back for a unique retail and dining experience.  From the resurgence of Cookman Ave aka "downtown", the redevelopment of the boardwalk, to the beautiful new beach front housing Asbury Park is regaining its fame. It has been truly amazing to watch this city go from ghost town to being one of the top beach destinations on the Jersey Shore, again! As local citizens and small business owners it is extremely special to be a part of the revitalization of Asbury Park! 


Recommendations for people who are in the area…

Las Bayadas in Rhode Collective Stroll along Cookman Ave browsing the different shops 

Stop to eat at Talulah's for some amazing pizza or Pascal and Sabine's for something a little fancy.

From Cookman walk up to the boardwalk and take your time exploring the different historical buildings (the Casino. the Carousel and Convention Hall).

The Stone Pony! Where Bruce Springsteen got his start. Catch a concert at the summer stage if your visit permits!

Anchor's Bend and Beach Bar- two ocean front bars that make up the eastern perimeter of Convention Hall not to be missed

Stay at the Asbury Hotel- brand spanking new in 2016 with the BEST roof top bar for miles - be there for sunset and you will not be disappointed.  

Take surf lessons with Summer Time Surf School

Any possible additional info… (your favorite beach, travel destination, source of inspiration to your store/style etc.)    

We recently traveled to Puerto Escondido in Mexico for a weekend vacation after spending the week sourcing in Oaxaca (another city not to be missed). We stayed in the most perfect bed and breakfast a few steps from Playa Carrizalillo. Puerto is mostly known for the giant waves of Zicatela, but for a weekend at one of the most beautiful hidden beaches Playa Carrizalillo was simply perfect. Every afternoon we would hike up the steps to Espadin a restaurant\bar that overlooks the beach from high above, drink the most amazing Margaritas and enjoy fresh fish tacos. We are already dreaming of our return.  


Thank you Rhode Collective for participating! 

Visit their Pop Up location at
Streethouse on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ. 
1100 Ocean Ave. 
Winter Hours: Friday - Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Or visit their online store here.

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