Las Bayadas photo shoot in Hawaii by Ladyslider (a.k.a Tara Michie)

In the past, all the editorial photo shoots we have had for Las Bayadas has been shoot around Sayulita (pretty lucky with the beautiful landscape). This summer we wanted to add something new to the mix and we got in contact with amazing Ladyslider (a.k.a Tara Michie) who is a brilliant lifestyle photographer from Hawaii.

She had already took some astonishing photos of Las Bayadas before and we totally fell in love with her style, so asking her to do the photoshoot was really a no-brainer. We can guarantee that you will see lots of the photos on our social media channels in the future, but we wanted to share with you our absolute favorites… Make you wanna travel to the beach paradise, doesn’t it?

Here are few lines from Tara describing the photos shoot:

Cassidy and I are close friends, which works out pretty nicely considering she’s a model and I’m a photographer. We originally had the whole day planned out on the North Shore but as we were driving away from my place we decided to go on an adventure and headed to the west side of Oʻahu.

 I am constantly inspired by my home. It is such a beautiful place so it is easy to be inspired. We actually ended up breaking up the shoot over several days and shot all over the island. It gave us a chance to have a variety of imagery (i.e. lush green, beautiful white sand beaches, etc.)

@ladyslider photo shoot of las bayadas mexican beach blankets in Hawaii


La Maricruz beach towel used as a head wrap in hawaii by las bayadas and Tara Rock


La Paula extra large beach throw in Hawaii beach style photoshoot by las bayadas and ladyslider


La Teri beach blanket with tassels featured in Hawaii jungle by las bayadas and teri rock


La Tina is classic and beautiful beach blanket for any outdoor activity by las bayadas


La Alicia beach throw featured in the Hawaii beach photoshoot by Las Bayadas and Tara Rock


El Pablo big beach bag from Las Bayadas fits all your beach gear for a perfect beach day

From Ladyslider`s web page... BIO

Tara Michie is a Hawai'i-based creative motivated by visually pleasing things. Inspired by her moms vigilant photo-documenting skills as a child and the beauty of living in paradise, it only made sense to pursue a visually creative field. Aside from gathering creative content for clients and her blog, Tara likes to spend her days working on her cross-step and building online shopping carts.