Lady Slider Tahiti - Ready for the summer!!

You might have noticed that we have been lately updating our product photos on our web page and we have posted lot of amazing ones in our social media. Reason for this is our second photo shoot we did with our favourite photographer Lady Slider (a.k.a. Tara Michie) in Tahiti. 

You will see lots of these amazing pictures all over our social media and web page, however we want to share with you some of the best ones so you will remember how awesome our products look on the beach set up hahah! 

Warning... You might just end up planning to next beach get away after these photos...

Want see more photos of Slider Slider have took with us? Visit the blog post from last summer!

Beach blanket La Teri in the photo shoot with a Manta ray and cute fishesMesh bags are perfect for the beachLady Slider captures amazingly this breakfast picture with the blanketBlack and white Moya towel in the jungle shootWhat a perfect spot to chill out on the beautiful beachLittle moment in the shade to set up a little piknik - La Alan market bag