Our favorite restaurants in Sayulita

As all French people we love to eat and try new places. In order to help you to prepare your visit in Sayulita, we picked few of our favorite restaurants in town. Go there and tell us what did you think about it!

Dont hesitate to share with us your favorite place too. 


Mary’s is a familial Mexican restaurant. You can eat all the Mexican specialities, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas … Everything is amazing, but my favorite are tacos with fish and shrimp! Yummy!

La Rustica:

La Rustica is an Italian restaurant. Youll not only find pizza, but also refined original and unique courses. The chef has been cooking in luxury hotels, and was also a home chef. If you try to avoid Mexican food and want to find a small piece of Europe in Mexico, go there. They have sun dry tomatoes, goat cheese, herbs, etc… Best place to eat refined Italian food. We usually go there for breakfast or for diner.



El Itacate:

Its THE place to go to eat tacos, especially meat tacos. They know perfectly how to cook the meat, and its just delicious! Dont worry vegetarians people there is also vegetarian tacos very tasty and originals. The chef traveled and worked all over the world, and you can feel it when you eat his tacos, its well cooked and refined. 
We usually go there when we are starving for lunch or diner.

A small piece of France in Sayulita. Paninos is a bakery owned by French people, that offers bread, croissant, panini, sandwich, … Authentic taste, it’s always a pleasure to go there when we miss France. Moreover, there is a terrasse with a view on the sea. Its our favorite post to watch surfers! Go there for the breakfast or lunch. 

El Paninos Sayulita

La Esperanza:
La Esperanza is a quiet place, about 300 feet from the heart of Sayulita. It’s an organic restaurants, all the ingredients are certified. The dishes are healthy and tasty = perfect!
We usually go there when we want to escape the noise of our lively city, for breakfast or lunch. 

                   La Esperanza   

Casa gourmet:
Another French bakery located in the center of the town, where all the animation is happening. Croissants, chocolate croissants, bread, quiche, sandwich, we almost feel at home when we go there. 
Of course, we could go for every meal: breakfast, lunch and diner! 


Wakika Sayulita


Wakika Heladeria:
THE ice-cream place! All the ice cream are homemade in Sayulita, with fresh and natural products.
My daughters love their ice-cream, and I usually drink a big fruits water, perfect when youre thirsty. Its also the place where I go to know all the gossip of Sayulita haha. 




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