Why we fell in love with Sayulita

First, for the people who don’t know, Sayulita is located in Mexico, Nayarit. When we arrived, few years ago, we just felt in love with this town and its inhabitants

Why? Because Sayulita is not even a town, its very small. Everybody knows each other, there is a familial atmosphere that charmed us since the beginning. Many cultures are mixed its just amazing! Moreover, its not a touristic place yet. So, forget big hotel chains, restaurants super expensive, crowded beaches etc There is only charming boutique hotels, small shops, cheap local restaurants, … 

This place has been preserved, its literally a gem. Its also a very colorful town, with many artists that contributes to this fabulous scenery. It inspired a lot to came up with our rainbow towels. 



Sayulita is also a perfect surf spot. Surfers from all over the world are coming to our beaches to surf. 


When we moved to Sayulita we found the perfect lifestyle: simple, relax, healthy, and inspiring. Imagine living without traffic, walking everywhere, crossing the street and be at the beach? Amazing right? We’re waiting for you! Come and say hi when you come to our small town, and don’t hesitate to email us if you want any tips.