How Las Bayadas beach blankets were born ...


How we created Las Bayadas…

It’s in 2007 that my husband, Nicolas, and I decided to go to Mexico. We arrived in this small fishing village called Sayulita. We literally fell in love with this place, impossible to go back to France! We traveled a lot in this beautiful country which inspired us to create Las Bayadas towels. Living on the beach, we wanted to create the perfect beach towel. You know the big one, soft, useful and pretty … Not easy to find! Speaking with the locals and exploring different Mexican cities, we decided to use a Mexican fabric used to decorate houses. And we added colorful stripes for the style!

After we had to find a name …

This part was not the easiest … We had a beautiful product, but not the name! We wanted to create a new word that does not exist either in French and in Spanish. Our goal was to mix these two beautiful languages.  In France, there is a fabric with stripes called “bayadere” (good luck for the pronunciation), and we tried to change this word to sound more Spanish. It’s how we come with Las Bayadas!

Then the production,

Las Bayadas towels are made in Mexico in an old workshop specialized in this kind of house fabrics since a while. I personally work on the colors. Also the environment part is essential for us. Thus, we decided to collaborate with a firm that provides us recycled cotton to make our towels (that’s why it’s that soft!!!). 

Through our different trips we met many welcoming and kind people and we decided to contribute to the country helping Mexican children to go to school. Indeed, 10% of the profit of each Las Bayadas towel sold is donated to the Costa Verde International School. If you’re buying one of our product you’re contributing in financing a scholarship for Mexican children to go to this “green” school. 

If you have any question about the product don’t hesitate to contact me, it would be a pleasure for me to speak more about it!