Behind the scene!

 Today we're so excited to share with you some pictures behind the scene of our new photoshoot. And guess who was the photographer? My dearest famous friend Anne Menke. Anne Menke is a German photographer who used to work for the best fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, ... Like us, she decided to move in our idyllic village Sayulita. She decided to create an environmentally friendly school called the Costa Verde International School. Las Bayadas is giving 10% of the profit for a scholarship that helps Mexican children to go to this green school.

Photoshoot Anne Menke


Since the beginning Anne loves our Bayadas and wants to be in part of our project. It was obvious to ask her if she would like to do our new photoshoot!!! It's how we decided to collaborate together to introduce the new collection. 

Anne Menke photoshooting


With Flor, Skyler and Ceci, our favorite and beautiful local surfers, we woke up very early to
The girlsgo to the beautiful Playa Carricitos, in Sayulita. 
We started this photoshoot with a coffee and a sublime view (expect for our sweet Skyler who forgot to wake up ;).

I fall in love with two striped swimsuits on Shopbob (YES I'm obsessed with stripes), and chose some hats from Lack of Color to dress Flor, Skyler and Ceci.

Let's go girls! Go on your Bayadas and strike the pose! 

 Stay tuned!

My friend Alex Patrick immortalized this amazing moment with his camera. We had a lot of fun and we can't wait to share more pictures with you!